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I was tasked to develop a C++ framework that would allow other developers to create mini games that would seamlessly integrate into the final application. This allowed developers to work independently on their mini games and later they were compiled into a single application with a menu system for selecting the games.

I developed a parent-child node hierarchy, making it easy to group elements of different types together. They could then be moved, rotated and scaled as one entity and also be made visible/invisible as a single entity. Loading and saving to xml was also added to the node system, this allows grouped entities to be shared via external xml files and will also be very useful if an editor is developed to speed up mini-game creation.

"During the development phase of EduGuru, Matty built and maintained the project's framework and supported other developers and artists involved in the project. Matty excels in creating apps that have a quality look and experience and it was a pleasure working with him for the term of the contract."

Richard Vanner Financial Director - The Game Creators

A Scene system was also put in place to logically separate levels and games into self contained code that could be added/removed from the final application with ease.

I developed the menu system used to navigate between games as well as the functionality to pause, restart and exit games.

Each educational application that will be developed for the EduGuru brand will use the framework. Eight mini games will be available in each application, with a possible 16 applications in total covering four subjects and four age ranges.

This project was a collaboration of over 20 developers and artists with me taking the lead programming role.