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My Aquarium was developed and became one of the activities integrated into the software package that My Dementia Improvement Network provide to hospitals and carers around the UK.

The game allows the user to add fish, coral, plants and other items to an aquarium. They can also change the backdrop and lighting.

They must care for their fish by re-visiting the game every day to feed them and clean the tank. if they have multiple fish of the same type there is a chance they will discover they now have baby fish which they can feed and watch grow. If the aquarium is not maintained the fish become docile and the tank gets dirty.

There is a tutorial included which takes the user through all the major features of the game. There is also a help system giving the user information on whatever item is currently selected.

This game was completely developed by me, using assets from stock media websites. I animated the fish and programmed the game using Unity3D.