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My Garden was developed and became one of the activities integrated into the software package that My Dementia Improvement Network provide to hospitals and carers around the UK.

The game allows the user to add plants, trees, grass and other items to their own garden.

They must re-visit the game to care for their garden. Activities include watering the plants and grass, pruning the shrubs, mowing the lawn and picking up weeds. They can also change the garden around by digging up grass and moving/removing plants. If the user does not maintain their garden it becomes overgrown, plants die and weeds multiply.

There is a tutorial included which takes the user through all the major features of the game. There is also a help system giving the user information on whatever item is currently selected.

This game was programmed by me using Unity3D, all 2D art assets were provided by Dado Almeida, an excellent artist who I have worked with on many projects.