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The Worm Game started life as a competition entry, the idea was to make a Flappy Bird type game. For me, the success of Flappy Bird had nothing to do with a flappy bird, I believe it was a combination of being challenging with a simple game mechanic which allowed gradual improvement. If you got a score of 49 on your first go you probably would not play it again, but because you get 0, then 0 again, 0 a few more times and then 1 you are compelled to keep playing. The frustration is also part of the fun and probably the main reason it done so well, people loved to hate that game.

I wanted to replicate this experience and I think I have succeeded to a point. I have a different game mechanic which I believe is just as fun, swinging over each fence brings some satisfaction. It is tough to play but I don't think it is at the same difficulty as Flappy Bird, so I may have failed in that respect, when I tried to make it even harder some of the fun was always lost in the game mechanic, so there was a balance to try to get right.

I have updated the app to include Facebook and the app now supports 5 languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

I hope you enjoy the challenge!